Council Profile

The Council started as ECASAFI and was formed in 1989 to address aviation safety concerns in the southern and eastern regions of Africa only.

In 1998 AFRASCO replaced ECASAFI with a vision to encompass the entire continent of Africa and to be the only regional organization pursuing ways to address safety concerns therein.


  1. The council is headed by the Chairman. As per the constitution, the executive team elected by members of AFRASCO, through ballot at AGM leads / directs the council for two years/ and or until the next election.
  2. Membership is open to all aviation entities registered and in/from/to the African Region. See attached membership list.
  3. An aviation establishment can be considered a full member upon meeting all requirements such as a complete application form, payment of membership fees, and others stated by laws of AFRASCO.
  4. Other aviation agents and bodies that have interest in the African region may be granted observer status when certain conditions are met. This information is available upon request.


To engage all aviation establishments in the region to further pursue the need to increase aviation safety consciousness.

Mission Statement

To Promote Aviation Safety in Africa through:

  • Encouragement of a pro-active approach to aviation safety in Africa.
  • Prevention of aircraft accidents and incidents.
  • Identification of unsafe acts, practices, conditions and make joint effort to take corrective measures.